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Announcement of Invited rider

Introducing the 2022 Japan Mountain Bike Cup, which will be held for the first time, and the women's elite coming to Japan from Europe.


Dutch mountain bike rider Anne Terpstra. A rider who has built up a mountain bike race career with HABITAT MOUNTAIN BIKE TEAM, GHOST FACTORY RACING. 4 World Cups, 9 Dutch Championships. Winner of 41 races. 5th in the world ranking (as of September 13, 2022). In 2019, when he came to Japan with the Dutch national team, he came in 3rd place, and at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, this will be his first visit to Japan since he won 5th place. In 2022, he won the World Cup in Andorra, 3rd in the Continental European Championship, 1st in the Dutch Championship, and 6th in the World MTB Championship. Birthday: 1991.05.01 Nationality: Dutch Height: 166cm Weight: 55kg Hobbies: cycling, reading, listening to music, cooking, watching movies Team: GHOST FACTORY RACING Team WEB: Social media Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:


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