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Information on how to access the Izu Mountain Bike Course at the Cycle Sports Center where the Japan Mountain Bike Cup will be held.

The Cycle Sports Center is a facility where you can enjoy cycling attractions for a day as there is a new facility called 『Cycle 3D Maze』,『Fun Bicycle』 and Izu Velodrome which is the site of the Tokyo Olympics cycling track competition.

High Speed Train_edited.jpg

Tokaido Shinkansen Mishima Station to Izu Hakone Railway Sunzu Line,

get off at Shuzenji Station

Time table

Mishima Station ⇆ Shuzenji Station  

Taxi (20mins) to Cycle Sports Center

Temporary Shuttle Bus(See right)

Cars on the Road_edited.jpg

Tomei Expressway from Numazu exit (Time 35 minutes) 

Shin-Tomei Expressway Nagaizumi-Numazu exit(Time 35 minutes)

Higashi Suruga Bay Circular Road - via Izu Chuo Expressway 

8km toward Ito from Ohito Chuo exit

Odawara Hakone - 3km from Izu Skyline Kameishi Pass exit toward Ohito (Time 60 minutes)

Atami Route 135 Route 11km from Usami toward Ohito(Time 40 minutes)

City Bus_edited.jpg
Shuttle Bus

Departing from and arriving at Shuzenji StationPlease see the schedule here.

Please see the schedule here for departures and arrivals from Ito Station.

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