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Information for spectators of the Japan Mountain Bike Cup. There is no charge for spectators, but there is an admission fee to the Cycle Sports Center facilities.


Adults (junior high school students and older) 850 yen 

Child (4 years old and up) 650 yen


・Admission Cash only.

・Admission is free for children under 4 years old.

・Pets up to a medium-sized dog are allowed to enter with a pet, and are required to fill out an admission agreement at the entrance gate.

・Admission discounts of 400 yen for adults and 300 yen for children are available for disabled persons with a disability certificate and accompanying adults.

・Adults with a valid ID: The discount applies to you (junior high school student or older) and one accompanying adult or guardian 18 years or older, but does not apply to minors.

・Presentation of the Child Passenger's Passport: The discount is applied to the person in question (4 years old to elementary school student) and one accompanying adult or guardian 18 years old or older, but not applicable to minors.

・Show your ID booklet for infants: The discount will be applied to the infant (3 years old is admitted free of charge) plus one accompanying adult/guardian over 18 years old, but minors are not eligible.

1.  Spectator Area

Please watch the races in the spectator areas set up by the event.

There are areas where spectating is prohibited, such as the event operation area and areas that may be dangerous for spectators.

Depending on how crowded the spectator area is, you may be asked to move from one spectator area to another. Please follow the instructions of the staff members and watch the games.

Please follow the instructions of the officials.


2. Spectator Manners

Please refrain from any dangerous behavior such as leaning out onto the course.

Please do not allow cheering goods, trash, clothing, articles, etc. to enter the course.

Cheering banners, flags, etc. may not be attached to the fences.

Please do not use umbrellas to watch the games as they may obstruct the viewers. In case of rain, please wear a raincoat.

Please be considerate to other spectators when watching the games.

Please refrain from leaving hand luggage and other items on the ground when watching the games.

Please do not watch the games on the stairs or by climbing fences or structures as it is dangerous.

Spectators are prohibited from using stepladders or pedestals to watch the games.

Flying drones and other aircraft in the vicinity of the venue is extremely dangerous and must be prohibited. 3.


3. Countermeasures for new Coronavirus

Keep an appropriate distance from your neighbors to avoid being crowded.

Wear a mask.

Refrain from cheering loudly.

Refrain from coming to the venue if you are not feeling well.

If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, you will not be allowed to enter the venue.


4. Other

Please take your garbage with you. Please do not litter.

Please refrain from smoking along the course.

Please do not paint messages of support, etc. on the course surface or on any other objects.

If you see anything suspicious, please notify the police or staff in the area as soon as possible.

We ask for your cooperation in ensuring the safety of yourself and those around you, as well as the preservation of the course so that racers can concentrate on the race.


10/22 Sun.

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